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With the Click 5000 photo system you have all the possibilities of professional image processing at your fingertips: printing, copying or retouching digital photos, and at a great more - itґs fast, easy and efficient. Multiple powerful features, including a 17" TFT touch screen, make the Click 5000 a real pleasure to work with. With the optional Mitsubishi printers, the same degree of versatility applies to print size: the CP9550DW-S offers 6 formats up to 15 x 23 cm, while the CP3020DE even prints up to 20 x 30 cm.

The CLICK 5000 opens up new sources of income. Extend your offers with a passport photo service: the systemґs converts digital photos into passport photos. The Click 5000 even earns its keep in field, making a profit from event photography. Using the Slide Show software you can link up second screen and process photos while presenting them to the customers and the same time.

Kiosk Digital Photo Service - the definitive terminal for photographic self service and instant multimedia.

For all establishments who want to take IMMEDIATE advantage of a great, new business opportunity, KIOSK 9000 is an easy-to-use photographic and multimedia service, which allows your clients to use and pay for a host of services - without creating extra personnel costs.

Whether its uploading, editing, printing or paying for the photos, thanks to the user-friendly menu, customers find it easy to carry out each step themselves. The KIOSK 9000 accepts a wide variety of memory card media and even captures pictures sent from mobile phones via Bluetooth™. Itґs also possible to upload photos to the the Internet-Photoalbum where pictures can be edited, displayed and sent to others - or even printed out on a KIOSK 9000. It has never been so easy to share copies of photos with family and friends.